Online Slots Dictionary

3 reel slot: This is an online slot that has 3 reels.

5 reel slot: This is an online slot that has 5 reels.

Bet Max (Max Bet): This is a button (player control) that allows you to hit spin while betting max.

Bonus Round (Bonus Feature): Some slots have mini games which take place away from the reels and are triggered when certain bonus symbols appear in a particular pattern across the reels.

Coin Size/Coin Value: When setting your stake per spin, you can reduce or increase these values to correspond with how much you would like to spend per spin.

Free Spins: This is a generous prize where you will receive X amount of spins but with zero cost per spin.

Jackpot: Each slot has a top prize, which is otherwise known as the jackpot.

Multiline: Online slots that have more than one winning payline are called multilined slots.

Multiplier: a Multiplier is basically a value that will increase your winnings by whatever the size of the multiplier is. For example, if you win $1.00 with a 5X multiplier, your prize will be $5.00.

Payline: The payline is the invisible line that connects winning symbols across the reels, which is usually highlighted (or flashes) after each line win occurs.

Paytable: This is the area on a slot machine that reveals the value of each symbol and also details about any bonus games.

Reels: This is where the symbols lay. Each time you hit spin, these reels will 'spin' randomly to generate a new layout and hopefully a winning combination.

Scatter: This is a special symbol that generally triggers a Free Spins bonus round.

Wild: This symbols generally acts as a multiplier and it will substitute most other symbols on the reels expect for the scatters symbols (or bonus symbols).

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