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A Video Slot is a slot machine that is played out in a virtual environment, such as an online casino. When you hit spin, the reels give the illusion that they are spinning, when in fact they are not. The outcomes are actually determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). Most of today’s online video slots have nine or more winning paylines. These particular casino games are also known as Multilined Video Slots.

Video Slots generally take up half (or more) of the total game count at any of today’s online casinos. Most video slots have 5 reels and each reel is stacked with either 3 or 4 symbols (from top to bottom). However, there are some unique looking ones that have a totally different layout, but they play in almost exactly the same way.

Unlike land based mechanical slots, video slots are played out on a PC screen/monitor. Some are downloadable and the other ones can be accessed instantly, without the player having to install any software onto their operating system. Players can adjust their stake prior to each spin of the reels using controls such as Max Bet, Coin Value and Bet-Per-Line, plus there are numerous other adjustable in-play controls such as Autoplay and Line Select (+ or -), plus all video slots have a Paytable so that players can view how much each symbol is worth. They can also use the paytable to learn about any bonus games that the video slot might have.

Instead of just the monotonous spinning of the reels that a Classic Slot offers, a video slot generally has one or two entertaining bonus rounds where players can win additional prizes, which gives players something extra to play for. Some bonus games take place on the reels, whereas others take place on a second screen away from the reels. Video Slots also generally have impressive in-play animations, realistic sound effects and much larger prizes to play for.

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